Our Team

Corporate Team

Ravi Kiran M

Founder & CEO

An extraordinary intellect with an enormous passion towards making his Company a platform of growth and prosperity to his employees.
Has a wonderful background of career as a Sales Head in the most eminent Companies we know.
A great Thinker, Planner, Organizer and foremost a wonderful person. Most appreciated Quality is his meekness.
With the devotion of having to do good and spread the same with fellowmen, Ravi started RAVENSEN IT.


 Managing Director

Diligent and calm. Has a personality of his own to gesture through.
Wonderful as a person, Endeavours to make his passion mask with thoughts that flow among this new generation.
Solution giver, Hard worker, Presence of Mind – these qualities is what RAVENSEN has found in him.
On guard with the employees and students – hand-in-hand. Is socially well spaced with people around him.
Strength that makes him strive through to keep this organisation so well going.

Ganji Anna Shekinah

Manager – Operations

Interactive, Outspoken and Ethical towards office atmosphere.
With immense experience of 15 years and above in the Soft Skill industry a Speaker and a Presenter.
Has a Vision of making the indigent learners make a mark in this competitive world. Is a part of RavenSen, to purvey the best self motivation trending to the upcoming developers. To make their life smart going with great confidence at hand.

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